Who I am

My name is Florent but you can call me Flo. I was born in 1992 in Grenoble (France), in the middle of the Alps. I live in Paris since 2014, the city where I started my career as a designer. I am passionate about new technologies, and how they can make our lives easier!

After an experience as a designer at Le Pot Commun, I was able to build my team and become a Lead Designer. Then I decided to specialize in UX Research, and that’s how I got to Kapten, where I was able to join an international product team, learn to work with 40 designers and 11 UX Researchers, located in Paris, Hamburg, and Barcelona. I also had the chance to experience the merger of a group that grew from 400 to 1800 employees in 1 year.

My skills

UX Research

In-depth interviews

Remote interviews

Usability testings


Product Design




Design System

Soft skills




French, English and Spanish