From the peaks of the French Alps to the shores of Barcelona, I’ve spent my life meandering between the realms of design and UX research. This journey has ignited a passion within me to craft products that not only serve their purpose but also transport users into a world of delight and engagement.

As a seasoned product designer, I bring a unique perspective to the table, infused with insights gleaned from my UX research background. My understanding of human behavior guides me in creating experiences that transcend mere functionality, infusing them with an essence of joy and ease.

Beyond the digital realm, you’ll find me immersing myself in Barcelona’s vibrant culture, engaging in friendly board game matches, or basking in the sun’s embrace on the sandy beaches. And as a true Catalan aficionado, I’m always ready to indulge in the delectable pleasures of tapas and vermut, bringing my enthusiasm to any social gathering.

My skills

UX Research

In-depth interviews

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Usability testings


Product Design




Design System

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French, English and Spanish