Hi 👋🏻 I’m Florent Martinez, Senior Product Designer & UX Researcher.

– My goal is to design elegant interfaces with users, for users.

Sometimes PayFit clients need to make changes to past payslips, but this is not possible, you cannot change the past, but you can change the present to make up for an error or oversight in the past. This is called an adjustment. This tool makes it easier for internal teams to do their work.

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In a marketplace application like Kapten, it’s all about balancing supply and demand. Prices rise when demand is high, and supply is low, and regulate when supply balances demand. This interface is an internal tool to help internal teams to balance supply and demand.

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As a UX Research & Designer at Kapten, I work across Passenger, Driver, and Operations. My goal is to drive product innovation and business decisions through research insights while implementing UX Research best practices.

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Chauffeur Privé is the former name of Kapten, the French leader in PHV. As part of a design sprint for the development of a feature, the multi-stops rides, I did user research, design, and prototypes.

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Sharing the shopping cart of airline tickets or concert tickets has always been complicated? Daisy is a SaaS solution that has been created to help people share the bill for online purchases, and is implemented directly in the partner’s shopping cart.

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“Le pot commun” is one of the leaders in the online money pool market in France and Italy with more than 5 million active users. Farewell party, birthday, bachelor party, there is always a good reason to create a money pool. I had the chance to take part in this adventure and to redesign the website, and the application, with the help of the team of 3 designers that I recruited and trained.

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