Launched in 2012 by three French entrepreneurs, Kapten has become in a few years one of the leaders PHV in France and the best-rated application! Today, Kapten is 400 employees, 20 nationalities, and more than 4 million customers in Europe.

Their integration into Free Now – a joint venture between BMW and Daimler AG – allows them to join a group of more than 1500 employees in 3 tech hubs (Hamburg, Barcelona, and Paris), with an international product team including 30 designers and 10 UX Researchers.




2019 – 2020

My role

User research, Journey mapping, UI/UX design, Prototypes, User testing

My role

As a UX Research & Product Designer at Kapten, I work across Passenger, Driver, and Operations. My goal is to drive product innovation and business decisions through research insights while implementing UX Research best practices.

– Work with Designers, Product Managers and Engineers to prioritize research opportunities in a highly competitive market.
– Use a range of user research methodologies including in-depth interviews, remote interviews, usability testing, and surveys, to create or evaluate designs.
– Create sketches on paper, wireframes, or prototypes to express ideas, and work closely with designers.

Usability tests with drivers in their own cars

A special characteristic of one of Kapten’s applications is the driver’s application, which is a working tool used while driving a car. After collaborating with the product designers, and after designing the prototypes and test protocols according to the hypotheses to be tested, I was able to conduct user tests in real situations, with drivers driving their own cars.

Design System

I was able to participate in the implementation of Kapten’s Design System, Web, Android, and IOS. The goal of the Design System was to facilitate communication between teams, to reduce the “design debt” and the “technical debt”, and to improve consistency between designs. The result is a coherent ecosystem and therefore a better experience for users and customers.

Automatic Bonus Interface

To motivate drivers to work with Kapten, bonuses are offered regularly depending on their activity. This is an expensive process, and there was no interface to manage them. Everything was prepared on an excel document, then injected in json in production. As part of this project, I was able to conduct user interviews with Operations internally, in order to understand the business and their needs. I then iterated many times in order to create the interface design that was easy, fast, and flexible. Once completed, I tested the interface with team members in London, Lisbon and Paris.