Multi-stops Rides

Before, the user could only make one trip from point A to point B. This new feature allows the user to specify several stops along the way, to drop off a friend, or to pick up the dry cleaning for example.








UX Research, Design

Animation with InVision Studio


After meeting our users in various research topics, one point often came up: being able to make a stop on the road. For a professional wanting to drop off a suit at the dry cleaners on the road, or for young working people living in the same part of town who share a PHV to reduce costs, this feature met everyone’s needs.

Design process

After making hypotheses and validating them through interviews with users, I drew on paper different solutions, then created the wireframes to be tested.

User research

Assumption #1 :

I have always thought that the first step when you order a ride is to confirm your starting point, when I am already looking for my arrival point. When I order a PHV, I am always at the starting point.

So I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one in this case, so I interviewed a few users I founded in the street who were used to the service. All of them were unanimous, no one books a PHV at another departure point. Only one pointed out that he had changed his starting point once, in the case of a booking.

Assumption #2:

Users would like to be able to share the cost of the ride with others directly in the application.

When I wanted to share the ride with friends, we always put the destination as far away as possible, asking the driver to leave the one who stops first as close as possible to his home. For the price of the ride we make do with a handful of coins saying: “I don’t know how much I owe you for the ride, but it should be good”. We had already talked about the idea of being able to split the costs directly from the application.

• • •

After delving into the subject, I realized that cost sharing was a problem in its own right. If several stop at the same place or if one of the passengers doesn’t pay his share, it complicates the total sharing of the trip. I also asked myself the question of how to share the costs: Fairly among everyone? According to each person’s distance? etc. It’s a very interesting subject, but to be explored in a second time.


For my ideation process, I tried as many ideas that could help me solve user problems. I made different variations and reduced them to 2 realistic ideas. Then I chose one idea as a potential solution to the problem that I have had tested with users.

Wireframes - Sketch

User Interface Design